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The first full-fledged wellness program in Egypt and the MENA region to spotlight entrepreneurs' mental wellness.

Waiting list is available for Cycle 2.

The Wellness Program

What is
Peace & Purpose?

Peace & Purpose is the first full-fledged wellness program in Egypt and the MENA region to spotlight entrepreneurs' mental, emotional, social, and physical health.

The program is based on a 3-phases model that ensures you walk away with long-term results and a lifestyle that ensures your wellness.

This program doesn't speak industries or startup stages; it speaks humans. Whichever stage you are in, you're welcome.

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Our 3-phase Model.



We kickstart the program by escaping the fast tempo of Cairo for a weekend getaway in Ras Sudr at the lifestyle hotel "Fade Hotel". Get to know yourself and your team, through a variety of mindful activities and sessions.




Let's dive into the world of mental health. This phase has been specially designed to give you the needed tools and knowledge as a long-term investment. All the sessions are moderated by professionals in topics related to founders and team psychology.




With the new knowledge, tools, and help, you are ready to face the journey with new energy and strength. This doesn't mean we are going anywhere. We are still there for ongoing support through monthly meetups and a closed community platform!


Why join Peace & Purpose?

This program is founder and team-centric, not only business-centric. If we understand that happy people are productive, innovative, creative, and inspiring people and that these same people are the ones who produce the profits, then we would not need to worry about the profits.

Professional psychologists and therapists moderate it.
You get access to a like-minded community that always have your back.
Exclusive discounts and perks for self-care in different categories.
Receive a Self-care Package to start your Mental Wellness journey!

Delivery Model.

The program is a hybrid model. Safe spaces will be delivered via zoom, while sessions, workshops, and monthly meetups will take place in different physical locations.


The program is 30 hours long of content delivered in 3 months. 


This is a partial fellowship from UofCanada's Entrepreneurship Center.

Total cost of the program:  6.500 EGP, which can be paid in 2 installments.

Waiting list for Cycle 2 is now open. Fill out the below form. 

Peace & Purpose Cycle 2

Waiting list available for Cycle 2.

Fill out the below form and we'll contact you to begin your Peace & Purpose Journey. If you have questions please e-mail us at e.c@uofcanada.edu.eg. Limited spots are available to ensure a personalized and intimate experience!