Last update: March 25, 2020


This page aims to provide you with the campus updates.


Please check your email regularly during this week for details and specific instructions to ensure smooth continuation of the academic year.

March 25, 2020 Announcement:
Given the recent announcement by the Egyptian Authorities, all academic activities on Campus are suspended for two additional weeks.

As of March 15, 2020, UofCanada has decided that:

  • All in house classes have been suspended for the next two weeks.
  • Students will not be asked to return to the university for the exam period.
  • Faculty will deliver the course content for their classes on-line. Each faculty member will determine how best to do this based on the nature of their course. The faculty members will communicate clearly with the students in each class. IT services and internet have been enhanced on campus in order to support this method of delivery. These delivery plans will be completed through an approval process with the Associate Deans and Provost.
  • Faculty of each course will determine the best way to do the final evaluation of course work. This will be clearly communicated to the students in each course.
  • Students are encouraged to be diligent in their work efforts to ensure they complete the readings, classes and work required to complete each course.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to use the on-line texts required for courses.
  • Faculty and staff are encouraged to take the necessary precautions for their own health during this time of threat from COVID-19.
  • UofCanada remains open for operations from 9am to 2pm.


The Admission office will continue to receive and process applications for the Fall 2020.

An early bird discount of $1,500 CAD valid until June 30th was put in place to accommodate our potential students and their parents during those difficult times.

The English Placement Test have been postponed till further notice.